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There are a lot of great PHP resources out there.  I wanted to take a few minutes to simply put my favorites out there and allow this to be a place you can find good resources – both mine and other users! Add your favorites to the comments section below as a service to your fellow coders!


PHP Weekly.  This is a great email service that sends out an email every Thursday that has announcements and helpful articles.  It’s not its own blog per se, but more of a place to find great blog articles. I recommend this as a must for all PHP developers of all levels. Nearly every week I find something that’s just for me, but more often than not – several!

Nomad PHP. Great site with great talks and chats every month.  Sign up and attend the meetings online! is a great place to find all kinds of tech articles! One of my favorite authors is Christopher Pitt.  Definitely recommend you check out his stuff – always interesting!


The Senior Software Engineer – This book may not be about PHP, but it is a great book about being a better developer! You will learn all the things you need to know in order to succeed in the business!

PHP 7 Data Structures and Algorithms – Find out about data and how things are done in PHP.  This book will take you through linked lists, stacks, and queues and is really geeky and fun!

PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice – The ultimate source on object-oriented PHP. If you started in PHP3 like I did, then this book is a must! It presents multiple styles of programming and does a great job at discussing the benefits and consequences of them.  If you want to think deeply about how and why in PHP, then this is the book for you!


It goes without saying that there are many, many tools that we all use every day that make our lives so much easier. Here are two great ones that you should consider buying!

Source Guardian – Ever wanted to market your code, until you realized that as soon as you give it to a client they don’t need you anymore? With this tool you can encrypt your code and distribute it with licensing. Your clients will have to be honest with you and pay for what you’ve done.  This is pretty much the only thing on the market that works. Check it out!

PHP Storm is by far my favorite IDE. I spent a lot of time playing with other IDEs, but immediately fell in love with JetBrain’s PHP IDE – it really was love at first sight! They take most of the overhead of programming out of the equation, with some basic functionality like being able to simply click on a call to a method and go directly to the method. Want to see every time you call a method, simply click on it! Jet Brains is a sponsor of many PHP User Groups and often distributes free licenses for them to give out. Strapped for cash but want to have the best IDE? Go to your local user group every month! If yours doesn’t have any to raffle off, come to PHP Vegas – we give them out nearly every month. Thanks Jet Brains!

Regex101 is by far my favorite place to test regular expressions! It supports multiple languages (flavors) and has lots of tips and hints throughout the interface.  I especially love that it shows all the groups in the test line, allowing you to really create some crazy stuff visually!


Code Fights – My favorite site for finding and completing challenges! You can even go head to head in real time against other developers.  They work hard to find you a gig as well, if you are looking, but you don’t have to be looking for a job to play. This site is a blast!

Code Wars – fun challenges for you to solve in most languages, PHP included.  Beware – not mobile friendly.

What are your favorites? Leave a comment below!

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