Implementing Abstract Classes and Interfaces with Traits

Reading Time: 6 minutes There are some very helpful ways to organize classes and objects in PHP. Interfaces, Traits, and Abstract Classes can work together to make code that follows the rules of abstraction. Using these OOP features in PHP allows us to create code that is easy to extend and maintain, saving time and money down the road.  Let’s look at what these structures are as well as how and when abstract classes, traits, and interfaces can be useful in Object Oriented PHP.

Recursive Code to Parse Recursive Form Data

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recursive code can be very confusing and frustrating at first, but is a necessity if you are trying to accomplish certain tasks in an expandable, decoupled way.  I recently needed to make a function that could build a multi-dimensional array from a form.  The problem is that the depth of the array is completely fluid as the form is made by nested “rules” which play off each other, allowing the user to build a very complex rule set.  Without going into the details of of the proprietary code for my company, let’s take a look at the technique I chose and …