Multithreaded Processing with Swoole

Reading Time: 8 minutes PHP is not known for multi-threaded processing because, until now, it has been very difficult to achieve, as well as buggy to say the least. With the advent of Node and Go, PHP started declining in popularity for this very reason. Node and Go are often chosen over PHP because they are multi-threaded and can handle connections faster without using Apache or NGINX. Benchmarks are truly better for Node than PHP under certain most circumstances. However, Swoole is changing everything.

WebSockets and Ratchet

Reading Time: 9 minutes WebSockets have been around for quite some time, but are recently gaining a lot of popularity due to their ability to initiate messages from the server to the user, allowing the website to update on the fly! In this article I’ll be taking a look at what WebSockets are and how you can implement them using asynchronous PHP and Ratchet.